Transformative Education


Transformative Education

Our driving force behind academic excellence.

Jettwings Business School has been conceptualized with the principle focus of empowering youths and enabling them towards a progressive career path. We prioritize three core aspects for a wholesome learning experience –

Dynamic professionals of the future

Transformative Education

One of the prime approaches in shaping our learning methodology is not limiting knowledge to textbook. While textbook knowledge is crucial to get a grip on the basics of a subject, we ensure that our students truly avail transformative education by blending together proper industry exposure, brainstorming sessions and practical application of knowledge. To do this, we have introduced multi-disciplinary learning modules and encourage our students to participate in ideation and execution of knowledge.

Cultural diversity is an indispensable part of today’s industry, more so in sectors such as hospitality, tourism, aviation and corporate. At JBS we have always followed through with cultural integration practices that enables our students coming from diverse cultures to gel well together and prepares them to become truly global citizens in the long run.

Stepping up to international standards

Preparing global citizens

Learning to co-exist with nature

Environmental Accountability

Over the years, maintenance of environmental balance has taken a backseat in pursuit of cutting-edge technologies and advancements. We believe it is our collective responsibility to promote sustainable measures to protect the environment we live in, while bringing forward progressive transformation in our respective domains. This is the driving force behind providing a holistic learning atmosphere for our students where they are taught to be accountable towards nature along with training them to become outstanding professionals in their respective career domains.